Welcome to the Robertson Logic Web site. We are currently rebuilding our site which will be available soon.

In the mean time you can contact us using the following email address info@robertsonlogic.co.nz

Developers of Everytime. To access the Everytime software please go to www.aliquando.co.nz

Company Profile

Robertson Logic Limited is privately owned and was founded in June 2000 in Wellington New Zealand, with a view to provide a range of services, high quality innovative products and solutions, to businesses both in New Zealand and around the world.

Our focus is on providing innovative solutions by developing and supporting technologically advanced computer software to the benefit of our customers. Priority is given to software development projects which result in solutions that are of beneficial to a broad base of organisations and markets that are created once and sold many times.

We have assembled a team of highly skilled professionals who provide a range of services, specifically software development using Delphi.

We have an established a network of independent ICT contractors with extensive experience and specialist skills who we bring on board to resource projects and provide specialist skills as appropriate.

We recently released the first version of a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) packaged product everytime which has been sold to and is being marketed by Aliquando Limited. We continue to support and develop this product under contract.